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    The company has been focusing on the development of market at home and abroad. At EFTTEX Fishing Show, ICAST Fishing Show, Mariner Boat Show, Hunting & Fishing In Russia, Canton Fair, Bihai Fishing Tackle of Tianjin, China Fish Suzhou Shanghua Fishing Tackle and other major domestic and foreign fishing gear trade shows, the company is always popular. Products are exported to the United States, Singapore, Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, Maldives, Tobago, South Korea, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Greece, Japan, Poland, Finland and altogether more than 60 countries and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.
    The company has been attaching great importance to energy conservation and environmental protection. In material selection, the company will never buy waste recycling materials; the company always uses electrolytic lead or electrolytic lead alloy. Besides, the company has done technological innovation on production process, taking the lead in adopting low-temperature high-pressure molding to avoid lead vapor pollution generated by high temperature, treating the product surface with environmental processing including spraying environmental plastic and being immersed in PVC to make the product both beautiful and environmental. In February 2017, the company engaged relevant qualified environmental units to systematically discharge waste gas and dust generated from production process. The waste gas and dust is photolysis treated with UV photolysis apparatus, filtered through activated carbon and then let out to the upper air.


  Since establishment, the company has been conscientiously abiding by national laws and regulations in quality safety, environmental protection, national tax and other aspects. None violation, quality safety accident or tax evasion has been recorded after all departments’ supervision and inspection. The company takes an active part in activities organized by industry associations and social welfare activities in the region, such as poverty alleviation and education support.
  The company adheres to the tenet of "Always Build Integrity, Create Brilliancy Together", and is rated as “Contract First, Credit First Enterprise in Guangdong” by Bureau of Industry and Commerce in successive years. For more than 20 years, the company has established good cooperative relations with domestic and foreign clients. In the spirit of treating friends with sincerity and satisfying clients with quality, we continue to work hard, develop and innovate, and strive for domestic and foreign clients with high-end products and satisfactory service. We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign clients call to negotiate and pay field visit. We sincerely expect more friends with us "to always build integrity and create brilliancy together”!