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Thorough investigation banned fishing gear, Haikou for the fish escort"

Industry news
2017/08/23 14:43
  Thorough investigation banned fishing gear, Haikou fish escort, newspaper August 28th (reporter Luo Jin photo coverage) to protect fisheries resources, Haikou has been in action. Today, reporters from the city of ocean and Fishery Bureau learned that from October last year to August 27th this year, the city cleared the confiscation of "train cage" 4000, Setnet 15.
In recent years, Haikou has taken a lot of control fishing intensity, fishery resources protection measures, but in order to fishing, fishermen use a lot of Setnet Setnet, commonly known as "mihunzhen" aka 'juehu network', they are hard to get out of the fish. This the activity, let the fish, not to mention the "die without descendants' sustainable development." City marine and Fisheries monitoring detachment two battalion commander Li Hui said.
In order to protect the marine resource and ecological environment, promote rational exploitation and utilization of marine resources in our city, I formulated and issued the "Haikou Municipal People's Government on the issuance of the notice" Haikou city against harm marine ecological environment special rectification work program, marine and Fishery Bureau from October 2016 onwards, in the jurisdiction of the city area the use of electric trawl, set net, juehu network "and" train cage "and other illegal fishing gear disabled conduct special rectification.
Therefore, the provisions of the city, where fishing in the sea areas under the jurisdiction of the city units and individuals must strictly abide by the fishing license system, according to the law of fishing production according to the approved work mode; in my area waters within the scope of use of electric trawl, set net, juehu network "and" train cage "and other banned fishing fishing tackle work units and individuals shall dismantle and destroy the disabled fishing gear in October 2016.
"Although the announcement to the community, but there are still some fishermen use banned nets. To this end, this year, we have dealt a severe blow to it. Currently, the use of banned nets has been substantially reduced." Municipal Party Secretary, director of marine and Fishery Bureau Chen Fang introduced, next, the city will increase the inspection and punishment, who is still verified the use of units and individuals to disable fishing fishing operations, will be based on the "People's Republic of China fishery law" provisions of article thirty-eighth of the heavy punishment.