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Announcement of the Ministry of industry on the review of the recommended trade standards

Industry news
2017/08/23 14:44
According to my standards recommended by the Ministry of industry concentration review work arrangements, work review has been completed 28726 standard recommended industry (see Annex 1 for review conclusion statistics, review the industry or field conclusion see Appendix 2-7), the "sealing technology standard" and 20466 industry standards continue to be effective, "magnesium steel products insulation construction technology standard" 5511 industry standard revised "Regulations" chemical steam system design and 2749 industry standards since the announcement of the date of.
Hereby declare.
Appendix: 1. industry standard review conclusion statistical table
2. conclusion of industrial construction, energy saving and comprehensive utilization and industrial safety standards review
3. review of the industrial standards for raw materials (chemical, building materials, steel, nonferrous metals, rare earth, Huang Jin)
4. equipment (machinery, automobiles, ships, aviation) industry standards review conclusion
5. consumer goods (light industry, textile, packaging) industry standards review conclusion
6. civilian and nuclear ordnance industry standard review conclusion
7. electronic and communications industry standards review conclusions
Ministry of industry and information technology
May 12, 2017