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"China fishing lure village" by the expert panel

Industry news
2017/08/23 14:44

  According to the "Chinese Chinese Cultural Sports Association sports culture industry characteristics of regional and industry cluster construction management Interim Measures", should be invited, Jieshou City People's Government in September 1, 2017, Chinese stationery and sporting goods association of fishing tackle industry cluster evaluation expert group, the first city fishing lure industry circles to inspect. The expert group is headed by Hu Hongjiang, vice president of China cultural and sports supplies Association, and a large number of related industry experts. During the evaluation, the evaluation expert group listened carefully to Jieshou Dongcheng Wang Yeyuan Zhang Meng deputy director of Jieshou municipal government made "on the" Chinese fishing lure village "briefing", reviewed the "Chinese fishing lure Jieshou town" application data, the study of Forster, the European Sirun Fishing Tackle Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd., Anhui Hongfei Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. and other enterprises Jieshou haidelong fishing tackle. And with the municipal government headed by Vice Mayor Teng min Jieshou the relevant leaders, part of the business of the exchange.